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Meet The Team


Denny Locascio

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Denny Locascio is co-founder and co-owner of Impact Fitness and currently a full time strength and conditioning coach. Denny is from St. Petersburg, FL and received his B.S. in Exercise Science from USF. While Denny pursued his degree, he worked at the USF rec center as a full time trainer, and as a strength and conditioning coach with the USF athletic department. It was through these experiences that Denny realized he wanted to turn his passion into a full time career and lifestyle. Denny's clientele includes NFL and MLB All-Stars, collegiate and high school All-Americans and Olympic medalists. Outside of the weight room, Denny enjoys honing his skill set, continuously learning and building lasting relationships with youth in the community. Denny specializes in overall football development, corporate wellness and mobility training.


Korey Schindler

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Korey Schindler is co-owner of Impact Fitness and a full time strength and conditioning coach. Korey joined the Impact team in 2014 as an intern while pursuing his B.S in Exercise Science. After graduating from the University of South Florida, Korey worked as a part time strength coach at Impact until ultimately transitioning to his current position in 2017. Korey’s strengths outside of training include organizational leadership, direct sales and the ability to easily connect with youth. His passion is, and has always been, helping other people achieve their goals.


Marcus McCants

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Marcus McCants is a full-time certified personal trainer at Impact fitness. Marcus has been training at Impact since High School (2011) and decided to join the Impact team in 2018 as an intern while pursuing his B.S. in Exercise Science at Campbellsville University. During his time in college Marcus played collegiate football where he was a four time All-American. In his junior year Marcus was named Captain of his team bringing on the responsibilities of keeping communication between players and coaches, leading team workouts, and mentoring younger teammates. After graduating in 2019, Marcus found his calling to return to Impact and become a full-time personal trainer. While training at Impact throughout the years, Marcus discovered his passion in coaching young athletes, not only through the physical aspects of the game but also the mental components. 


Ce'vean Davis-Payden

Ce'vean Davis-Payden is currently a full time personal trainer at Impact Fitness. He attended Saint Leo University to pursue a Sports Business degree and while there began interning under Denny in 2017. Through multiple internships he decided to pursue his love and passion for health and fitness and join the Impact team in 2019. His mission is to help others adapt nutrition, exercise, and spiritual well-being into a well balanced lifestyle. Ce'vean sees the importance in encouraging and counseling the youth and has the ability to do the same with clients of other age groups as well. 

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